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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Things that should make you shit yourself


The cases of Covid in people who are vaccinated are HIGHER than the percentage of vaccinated people.  



George Mckay said...

Something else:

This is about your favorite general traitor Thoroughly Modern Milley. He notified the Chicoms he would let them know our plans should we take action against them. He also told Peelousy he would not allow Trump to do anything.

Phuck him and all the leftist commie bastards.

Ragin' Dave said...

Milley needs to be court-martialed. It won't happen, of course, because the rest of the so-called leadership of the military are just as devoid of integrity and honor as Milley is himself.

George Mckay said...

Best thing that could happen is planting fungus (mushrooms for those who cannot understand vaguery) on DC.

Start from scratch. Of course that is not nice but, they have not done a goddamned nice thing yet now have they? Why the fuck should we be nice???? Hmmmmmm???

George Mckay said...

Hope you are close to retirement Dave. Many soldiers of integrity and honor are being or have been forced out of the service and I sure as hell don't want to see that happen to you. THAT is a crime in and of itself while shitstains like Thoroughly Modern Milley remain.

I also note that Caleeefornya appears to be on track to keep THEIR shitstain in office as well. What a bunch of mindless shitheads! We can watch it burn down and as in 2012 slide into the Pacific.

Ragin' Dave said...

I actually have over 20 years active service. So if they kick me out, I'll be retiring. But I've talked to several people in my unit who are planning on getting out if it comes to that.

As for Kalifornia - That state has perfected modern voter fraud. I don't actually believe for one minute that they voted to keep Newsom. You had DEMOCRATS coming out and campaigning for Larry Elder. But when you control who counts the votes, actual voters don't matter.