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Friday, September 17, 2021

Another Lieutenant Colonel resigns rather than accept sub-standard leadership.

 I can't say I blame him, but I wish he would have stayed and fought the good fight.

Here's the thing.  I ain't getting the jab.  I'm going to stay in until they kick me out, and I'm probably going to collect GOMORs like trading cards.  That would be a General Officer Memorandum Of Reprimand, for you civilians out there.  Basically, a general officer writes how disappointed they are in you for something you did or didn't do, and it's a career killer.  But I'm retiring, so fuckem.  My career is already over, as I've set the wheels in motion to end it all on my own.

But the entire time they're kicking me out, I'm going to describe in no uncertain terms why the US Government is a bunch of evil and idiotic fuckheads, why the jab mandate is a ethical and moral violation of the highest order, and why the jab doesn't even fucking work, so why are they forcing it?  And I might not reach everybody.  Hell, I know I won't reach everybody, because we have some true believers in my unit, especially in Clinical Operations.  But I'll reach quite a few people.  And a lot of those people are going to say "Dang, Sarge had some good points, and I really couldn't disagree with any of them....."

Remember, going against evil is not insubordination.  Reminding people to hold their leadership to account when said leadership has gone off a cliff and is currently smearing themselves in shit and bragging about it is NOT insubordinate.  It is expected.

Maybe LTC Hague felt that this was the best way to hold his leadership to account.  That very well might be.  For me, I'm staying until I either get kicked out, or my retirement happens according to my own plans.  But I'm going to be the squeaky wheel the entire time, and I'm going to make damn good and sure that people know that what the Army is doing is wrong.  And what the senior military "leadership" is doing is unethical, immoral, and unacceptable.

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