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Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Commies still gonna commie

And Warren Wilhelm, aka "Bill DeBlasio", is one of the biggest commies of them all.

Patrons will be required to show businesses their proof of vaccination via the Excelsior pass, which New York rolled out this year, or present their Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) vaccine card to gain entry.

The Democrat mayor has hinted that more severe measures against the unvaccinated are forthcoming.

“We’ve got to shake people at this point and say, ‘Come on now.’ We tried voluntary. We could not have been more kind and compassionate. Free testing, everywhere you turn, incentives, friendly, warm embrace. The voluntary phase is over,” he said during an appearance on MSNBC last week.

Everybody who actually studied history was screaming that the Kung Flu was a Marxist cuntflap's wet dream.  

1) Authorities like to be authoritarian and order people around. So there is psychological satisfaction from it.

(2) It gets the population used to taking orders from authorities, which is also useful – for the authorities.

(3) COVID-fear has been very good to the Democrats in the political sense, and they want that to continue. In particular, they are hoping to use it to justify the same sort of looser rules on voting protocols that helped them win in 2020.

(4) It has the potential to further the divisions and hatred in the country, which I believe the left sees as a plus.

The only proper response to this level of tyranny is a matched set of upraised middle fingers.  And if your local government tries to pull this bullshit, you slap them down hard.

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