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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

If you don't want to get shot

 Then don't try to stab people right in front of a police officer.

I expect more riots from the usual suspects.  Because when a feral human goes off and stabs multiple people, apparently the cops shouldn't do anything.

You want to see racism in this country?  Keep defending the indefensible, and keep prosecuting cops who are out there trying to keep their communities safe.  Keep rioting over shit like this, where some land-whale flips out and starts violently stabbing people right in front of a police officer.  Maybe the triglycerides in her system caused a freak-out?  I dunno.  What I do know is that in a civil society, you cannot start stabbing people in front of a cop and expect them to just stand there and watch.

And you cannot demonize the cops in this situation and expect your society to survive.  If you want to remove the cops from your neighborhoods and go all "Lord of the Flies" in the ghetto, well, that's on you.  But when you bring your Lord of the Flies game into my area?  That's when the spicy time starts.

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Anonymous said...

Since the Ruby Ridge incident I have referred to them as Fumblers, Bumblers, and Incompetents. That opinion was only strengthened by the 9/11 fiasco.