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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Garbage people, working for a garbage institution, doing garbage things

In other words, just a normal day for the media.

Ten bucks to Rittenhouse’s defense fund. For nothing more than that, this guy’s name is on local television in a segment that includes images of his home just so that the intrepid reporter can get a shot of himself ringing the doorbell. I haven’t seen a random person ruined so gratuitously by a media outlet for badthink than that infamous WaPo story last year about some rando wearing blackface at a Halloween party.

Since this is local to where I'm currently at, I wrote the station and basically told them that I wouldn't watch their garbage journalism if they paid me to do so.  I left off the fact that I don't own a TV in the first place, and so I never watched their garbage journalism in the first place.

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