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Friday, January 15, 2021

Well, there's another sports league that deserves to burn in hell

 The NHL got someone fired from a job because he worked for the Trump campaign in the past.

7) I called the owner of PJS and asked for any explanation, and he told me very bluntly: the @NHL found out I worked for the Trump campaign and threatened to cancel the contract with PJS unless they fired me.

8) Instead of standing up for me, instead of explaining to the NHL that I, as a person, am not solely defined by my previous work on the Trump campaign, they fired me for their own company's financial gain.

9) I was upset and disappointed, but I didn't initially blame them for this decision. I wish they had stood up for me...they didn't. I didn't have any animosity towards PJS, until they tried to bully me into silence.

10) So now I'm sharing the story, in its entirety. Even though the owner told me this afternoon that he would deny everything I say if this went any further. But this is the truth, and I feel more empowered and supported if I share it with all of you.

You cannot exist side by side with a person who wants to eradicate you, eliminate you, humiliate you, and destroy you.  You see that quote up on the top of the sidebar?  "You need but one foe to breed a war".  Just because you don't want to fight, doesn't mean that you won't get into a fight, it only means that you'll be brutally and violently beaten when you think "Oh, I just want to be nice".

Meekness, the act of being meek, is power under control.

Weak people cannot be meek, because they lack the power that control requires.

Meekness in the face of homicidal violence is not wise, not brave, not Christian.  It is suicidal.

Found this comment through Kim du Toit:  

When you are living in a totalitarian state, and make no mistake, we are living in a totalitarian state, you have three choices; Submit, nullify by refusing to participate or kill them. There is no grey area and you dont get to refuse to play.

I will not submit.

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Drumwaster said...

To be civilized is to restrain the ability to commit mayhem. To be incapable of committing mayhem is not the mark of the civilized, merely the domesticated. -- Trefor Thomas