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Thursday, January 14, 2021

LOLGF Fox News

 Fox News ratings continue to crash.  Good riddance to bad rubbish.

We, their audience, have been warning Fox News that we objected to their mad rush to the left for years. Probably for four years.

They didn't listen. They had all the market research in the world, for free. Their actual customers saying, "If you keep this up, we're out."

They ignored all this.

They have earned their fate.

Fox News didn't just forget who their customer base was, they deliberately shit all over their customer base with malicious forethought.  This wasn't an "oopsie", this was an all-out assault on conservatives by people who hate the GOP base, no matter how "conservative" they acted on TV.  Piss on 'em.  I haven't even gone to their website since November 4th.


Adrienne said...

I pop onto Fox at most once a week just to see what the enemy is up to. On was on to Fox several years ago.

Ragin' Dave said...

At this point I'm watching Newsmax or OAN. Plus reading. Most of my information comes from reading, in fact.

Anonymous said...

I was a regular Faux News television viewer. I watched some of the night time new shows, and The Five. But not Hannity, who is just too in the tank for all things right, good or bad, and some right wing use are just not good for America.
Now, I will occasionally watch The Five, mostly because I like Dana Perino, who is both decent and kind, but is also smarter than most other people on the show.
But when I started seeing people like Stacy Abrams on as a commenter, I knew that the Fox brand was through. The race to the bottom is usually both fast and crowded. It seems like Fox has tried to set a new record.