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Tuesday, December 01, 2020

This election was stolen

 It was stolen in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin also doesn’t authorize any sort of ballot “curing.” But, just as in Pennsylvania, that didn’t stop election workers from contacting voters about erroneous—i.e., disqualifying—information on their mail-in ballot envelopes. Wisconsin law requires the voter’s signature, a witness signature, and the witness’s address on the mailing envelope, which acts as a certification for the enclosed ballot. Deficiencies in any of the verification steps should render the ballot invalid; the requirements meet the bare minimum for any sort of legitimate absentee voting.

But even that low bar was too high for some Wisconsinites, so election officials stepped in, without explicit authority under Wisconsin election law, to help. 

It was stolen in Arizona.

Ayyadurai said that the computer found that in order for Biden to have surged ahead of Trump in the vote count, 130 percent of the Democrat vote had to have gone to the Democrat and  -30 percent of the Democrat vote had to have gone to Trump.

The scientist noted that there were only two things that could explain that improbable result.

It was stolen and everybody knows it.

6. Finally, that peaceful and trustworthy elections are likely no longer possible in America means Americans no longer have any peaceful options should the ruling powers do things that the public doesn’t like. Eventually, the response will be violence, and bloodshed, and brutality.

I am not calling for it. I am simply predicting that it will happen, all because the Democrats refused to accept the legality of the 2016 election and then used any means to steal the 2020 elections, and the Republicans stood by and let them do it.

7. And just remember, power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely. The Democrats are gaining that absolute power. They’re coming for you next.

Even if President Trump manages to pull out the Hail Mary and prevent the crooks, criminals and thugs of the DNC from stealing this election, America will never be the same ever again.

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