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Thursday, December 03, 2020

Bribing people for votes? Democrats have been doing that for years

 Anyone remember the Obamaphone lady?  Yeah.  Now it's gift cards.

Buying votes is obviously illegal. The Federalist notes that there was all kinds of evidence from posts to videos suggesting it was a big problem.

Democrats and liberal media have been going full steam to try to discredit claims being alleged by witnesses, the Trump campaign or the GOP.

But it’s pretty hard to dispute videos and pictures that people post themselves and the president of the United States points out.

The biggest problem is that this behavior has been going on for years and nobody has done a damn thing about it.  The Democrats didn't do anything because they benefit from it, and they can't win elections fairly.  The Republicans didn't do anything about it because for the most part, the GOP is a bunch of spineless, weak, gutless pathetic politicians.  It took Donald J Trump being elected President to stiffen their spines, and don't think for one moment they wouldn't go back into capitulation and sniveling as their MO if they had the chance.

This election was stolen.

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