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Monday, October 12, 2020

This is just the guy they caught

 Democrat in Texas committing voter fraud, eh?  I was told that this NEVER happens!

When police arrested Zul Mirza Mohamed on suspicion of voter fraud Wednesday night, prosecutors say, the candidate for mayor in Carrollton, Texas, was stuffing envelopes with mail-in ballot applications to send to Dallas County.

However, Texas state and local law enforcement officials allege that Mohamed’s illicit activities ran far deeper than what he was caught in the act doing. 

Here's the deal:  You can't catch them all.  It's an impossibility.  Which means that generally speaking, when you catch someone committing an illegal act, you're just scratching the surface of what's actually going on.

Let me give you an example - back when I was first learning DUI detection in the late 90's, the average number of drunk drivers out on the road on a weekend evening was 10%.  Tell me, did you see 10% of the cars pulled over?  No.  We couldn't get them all off the road.  We only arrested the ones we could actually stop, probably 1% of the total.  That left another 9% of drunk drivers zooming around.

So when Mr. Mohamed gets busted stuffing ballots into envelopes there, I guarantee that there are at least ten more people like him the cops couldn't catch.

And it's probably worse than even I can imagine.  He's a Democrat.  Democrats cheat any way they can during an election.  Much like young Soldiers grouped together drink too much and get into cars, if you have a collection of Democrats in one area you're going to have more cheating.  At this point, any election that a Democrat wins outside of Kalifornia or New England, I'm forced to assume that it was the result of cheating.

And until people actually start going to jail for this sort of shit, it will get worse.

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