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Thursday, October 15, 2020

So, about that Hunter Biden sex tape, and the emails from Ukrainian oligarchs

 I can't put it any better:  Mainstream Media Campaigns for Biden AGAIN.

I posted about the Biden crap yesterday, and within 24 hours the entire MSM plus all the tech companies have essentially tried to shut down the entire story in order to serve the DNC.  The media do it because the DNC are their masters.  Silicon Valley does it because the DNC are their useful idiots.  The end results are the same.

If I hadn't already dumped twitter for being the social media equivalent of a poxy crack whore, I'd have to dump them again!  Wait, that sentence makes no sense.

Twitter is a garbage site run by garbage humans, for the fulfillment of other garbage humans.  That makes more sense.  Coffee helps.

Who's worse than a diseased crack whore website?  The FBI, of course.

What about the part where the FBI had possession of this information back in December? Why didn’t the FBI come forward with this evidence about Hunter Biden’s emails, which appear to show collusion and influence-trading? Isn’t that something they should have told the president or members of Congress? Was the FBI deliberately covering it up? If the good citizen who came forward and alerted the FBI of the contents of the laptop had not made a copy of the information, it would still be under FBI lock and key. But the computer repairman did make a copy and sent it to Rudy Giuliani. If true, it’s a stunning indictment of the FBI that an American citizen—who alerted them to alleged multiple crimes involving a guy with the last name Biden—knew not to trust them and made other arrangements should they try to cover it up (which, apparently, they did).

Nobody in their right mind would trust the FBI to do anything more than find the nearest DNC outlet to ask for their orders.  If this were Don Jr. or Eric Trump on that laptop, you can be damn sure it would have been on the nightly news from December to now.

Right now I have two middle fingers for the DNC, the FBI, Silicon Valley and pretty much everybody else involved in pushing Gropey Joe Biden and his son, Hoover McStripperbanger, along with the Whore of Babylon Harris.  I need more middle fingers.  And American needs to reject that corrupt piece of shit Marxist.

I need more coffee.

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