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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

My plans for election night

 Well, since I have to vote absentee (military, living out of my home state), I'm going to come home and load magazines.  All of them.  

For tactical reasons, much of the expected actions will take place in heavily Democratic cities—as well as in the nation’s capital. Breitbart’s Joel Pollack recently identified a document called “Stopping the Coup: The 2020 Guide,” distributed by one such group, Shutdown DC. As he notes, it is described as an organizing how-to guide by The Disruption Project, seeking to use, in its words, “uprisings, resistance and mass direct action” in order to prevent President Trump from “stealing” the election. 

Shut Down DC was founded in 2019 as a coalition of DC-based direct-action groups, initially launched around the climate change agenda, and focused primarily on agitating for the Green New Deal. The group was sponsored by All Out DC, a local Antifa group with a professed objective of, according to its Twitter profile, “Burn Down the American Plantation.”

I'm going to have all the magazines ready.  Because the Left wants to get froggy.  I suggest you do the same.  Remember, large gatherings of Biden voters are dangerous.  Stay away from them.

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