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Friday, October 23, 2020

Dave, why don't you believe SCIENCE?!?!?!?!

 Because when actual science is corrupted by political fuckheads like Fauci the Fool, people die.

What’s particularly troubling about the return of COVID in Italy is that the country has done everything experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci have been advising. Face masks in public places have been compulsory for months, social distancing is strongly enforced, nightclubs have never reopened, and sporting arenas are at less than a third of capacity. Children who are back at school are regularly tested and strictly social-distanced, and yet, the second wave seems completely unstoppable.

The lockdowns were a mistake, a huge, gross, stupid mistake pushed by political hacks who used their fancy degrees to hide the fact that they were shutting the country down in order to damage Donald Trump's re-election chances.

It.  Is.  A.  Virus.  You cannot stop it.  You cannot make it go away.  If masks worked in the prevention of virus infections, then we would have knocked influenza out of existence years ago.  The only time this pandemic could have been halted was before China let the virus out of it's virology lab in Wuhan.  Once it hit the population, we were screwed.  We have no vaccine.  I don't even know if the vaccine they're making is going to work, just based on how quickly the corona virus family mutates.

So what do you do?  Well, you try to get herd immunity.  And you try to do it in a way that will cause the least amount of harm.  Low viral loads, give the body a chance to build up it's defenses without overloading the immune system.  Do it when people can get lots of Vitamin D, so their bodies can fight off the virus.  In short, do it over the summer.

When was everything locked down?  Summertime, of course.  Because the lockdowns were political decisions, not actual science based decisions.

Look for the Kung Flu to spread and get worse, rather soon.  It's getting colder.  People spend more time indoors.  People sit in buildings that recycle air for heating, which means spreading the virus from one office to the next to the next to the next.  We had our chance to build up herd immunity in this country, and the politicians blew it.  Well, most of them did.  South Dakota did things right.  The fact that anyone in this country still thinks that Nipples Cuomo from New Fucking York did anything right is a testament to how horrible the media is.

As for what you can do?  Start taking Vitamin D.  If you live in a northern clime, double the dose.  You don't get enough of the right UV spectrum to begin with, just based on your position on the globe and how the sun's light is angled.  Spend as much time outside as you can.  Fresh air and sunlight are the best way to help your body kill a virus.  If that means you lay in front of a window, fine.  Just don't gross out the neighbors.

And be prepared to sit through yet more hysterical shrieking and crying and other political actions from the Leftists who have managed to completely fuck things up in every way since this scamdemic first started.


Drumwaster said...

Don't forget that when they were discussing "projected deaths" seven months ago, the BEST case scenario (assuming everything went PERFECTLY) was 200,000 deaths, and worst case was well over 2 million.

Eliminate the deaths caused by Cuomo's "kill the elderly" order, and we are still below that best case scenario, and that's assuming the numbers being reported are accurate, rather than artificially bloated because of Medicare bribes.

Meanwhile, there are barely any businesses that allow people without a mask, and Sundown Joe claims that he could solve it "by encouraging everyone to wear masks" (but no mandate - he says)?

I wonder how many people have voted for Joe, but regret it now.

Ragin' Dave said...

"but regret it now" I don't have that problem, that goodness.