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Monday, October 05, 2020

I feel sorry for the folks who do the grunt work

 I truly do.  I never want someone to lose a job when they haven't done anything wrong.

But I really really hope that Hollywood suffers from this.  Bigly.

Cineworld, owner of the largest chain of theaters in the UK and Ireland and the second-largest in the United States — Regal Cinemas — will reportedly close all its theaters next week, according to VarietyThe Sunday Times, and others.

Close 'em down, shut 'em down, keep 'em down.  Aw, poor widdle Hollywood millionaires can't make their millions any more?  Fuck you, die screaming.  Not enough cash to keep the pedophile grooming going on in L.A.?  Fuck you, die screaming.

Is it going to suck for some good people who did nothing wrong?  Yes.  But that's already happening all over this country.  I pass empty storefront after empty storefront as I ride around now, where restaurants and salons and various other businesses used to exist until the government essentially shut down their ability to do business based on bullshit models and government grifters who figured out that keeping people in fear was an opportunity to gain power.  So I want the people pushing the culture ever Leftward to feel the pain that everyone else has been feeling.

Personally, I can't remember the last movie I saw in the theaters.  It's been that long.  The only reason I've seen the last couple of Avengers movies is because Delta had it in their in-flight movie listing, and I had a four-hour flight to sit through.

Let Hollywood strangle.  Maybe that will shift some money away from the people who hate us.


Anonymous said...

I scoff at those Hollyweird shit heads that go out of their way to INSULT 50% of their audience, and then claim censorship when those that were insulted stop paying their salaries. First off, I don't care who you support politically at the voting booth. Making free campaign ads and bringing politics into what should be nothing more than entertaining me kinda pisses me off, especially since I don't have access to media to refute you. It's even worse when you tell me how stupid I am for not agreeing. Secondly, it's only true censorship when the government does it. When the audience does it I believe it is called a free market economy at work.

Ragin' Dave said...

The thought of Hollywood leftists having to scrape by for rent and live paycheck to paycheck while working normal jobs makes me want to rub my body down with bacon grease and run down the street singing the Hallelujah Chorus.