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Saturday, October 03, 2020

Couldn't happen to a better group of turds

 The NBA is losing bigly.

Only 7.41 million viewers watched the industry-hyped matchup. Per Sports Media Watch, this is the least-watched Finals opener since … on record.

Game 1 is down an unheard of 44% from last year’s matchup, which featured a team from Canada. During last year’s Finals tank-job, media members yelled “one team is from Canada,” and “there is no LeBron.”

Ahh, I see.

The NBA is taking tanking to never-before-seen depths. If LeBron and the Lakers in the Finals can’t save this collapse — nothing will. This is the best-case scenario. Imagine these numbers when the Nuggets finally win the West and the media has to push that over the NFL.

Enjoy those BLM dollars, you pathetic group of snot-nosed assholes.  I hope the NBA is left playing their games in community rec centers with tens of fans in attendance.  In the meantime, other than enjoying their decline, I'm not paying the NBA one iota if attention.

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Tim said...

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