Day by Day

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Wishes, granted

 One of the roads I use to get to work is called the "Legacy Parkway".  It's a side-road to I-15, which is a snarled jumbled of idiocy and fucktardedness.  I avoid it whenever possible, which means I spend quite a bit of time on the Legacy Parkway.

Other people do this as well, including the some of those idiotic fucktards.  There's always some fucktard on his phone doing 85 in an 65, and forcing everyone else to react to their fucktardedness.  And as I'm riding down the road, watching the fucktards to their fucktarded thing, I mutter to myself "Damn, if the State Troopers spent a week here, they'd make bank with the tickets they would write!"

My wish has been granted.  Last week and this week, the State Troopers have been out in force.  I've seen at least three cars pulled over every single day.  Lots of flashy flashy lights, which means lots of tickets.  And the level of fucktardery going on has dropped significantly, which means that I can ride to work without having to dodge fucktards going lightspeed while texting their buddies.  Hopefully the state has made up a significant portion of their budget shortfalls while forcing the fucktards to not be so fucktarded for a while.

Schadenfreude.  I haz it.


p2 said...

They're merely treating the symptom while the disease runs merrily along. I wouldn't need to manage my anger if more people would manage their stupidity.

Anonymous said...

I have always wished for a front mounted laser cannon that would vaporize to the atomic level any fucktard's vehicle (and all occupants) acting as such. It would be computer controlled with multiple sensors to detect all manner of fucktardness, and the final decision to fire would be all mine if it was authorized by the computer control. I envision myself driving through the cloud of minuscule particles of what was once a vehicle and occupants.

I once told this fantasy to my wife, and she told me I was Nuckin' Futs!

Ragin' Dave said...

Sadly, my wife vetoed the mounted M249's on the truck. She also won't let me weld railroad spikes to the bumper.