Day by Day

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Slight update

Not going to go into specifics here, just that on Father's Day, my dad was knocking on death's door and Charon seemed obliged to open it for him.  Hence the hauling of ass up I-15 on Sunday.  The Mrs. and I found out what her truck could really do.  I was impressed.

Now a couple days past, it seems that Dad might pull through after all, now that the fucking quacks who were determined to kill him through medical malpractice pulled their heads out of their asses and took a breath.  I can't lay all the blame on them.  The Kung Flu lockdown has hospitals operating under protocols and procedures that would get them sued in any other time.  If the Kung Flu bullshit lockdowns end up killing my dad, my response to the government demanding another lockdown might come at about 2000 fps.

In any case, he's improving.  And my brother and I are helping mom out on the property, doing all the summer-time stuff a country home needs to have done, that dad won't be able to do because he'll be too weak from this crap to lift a chainsaw.  Hell, he'll be doing good to come sit out on the porch and do a crossword puzzle.  It looks like I'll be coming back here in August as well, to make sure the house is ready for fall and winter.  Firewood stacked, hay in the barn, snow-removal equipment PMCSed and ready to go.

I don't have internet up here, so I'm using my phone as a hotspot.  Needless to say, that limits my internet to a few bits of news and email.  Don't expect much from me for the next couple of weeks.  Thanks for the well wishes.  Blogging will resume to normal levels by early July.


Anonymous said...

Prayers said, Will continue to check in on your blog, I have kids your age Family and love are the highest priority Take care of yourself

Deserttrek said...

We're with you, lots of family out here