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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Here's some numbers for you, and my blood is boiling

Number of Kung Flu deaths in Idaho:  91

Number of deaths by suicide in Idaho for 2020 so far:  392

So we destroyed the economy over a bullshit shamdemic, and for what?  One giant social experiment is what my mom says.  Me, I think it's the Deep State/National Socialist Democrat Worker's Party way of stopping Trump from getting re-elected, so they can have their drooling halfwit puppet Gropy Joe Biden installed for them to use.

When more people are suck-starting a shotgun than dying from the Chinkvirus, I think it's time that we all had a long hard talk with the powers that be.  And currently, right now, I wouldn't mind if the powers that be were taken outside and strung up from a large tree.  Why's that, you ask?

When my mom can't go see my dad in the hospital because of the fucking bullshit shamdemic regulations?  Fuck you, you god-damned bureaucratic fuckweasels.  And I try not to take the Lord's name in vain, but the people who are implementing this crap are truly god-damned.  They say abortion is fine, but my mom, a MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL WHO OWNED HER OWN MEDICAL CLINIC FOR DECADES CAN'T GO SEE MY FATHER???????


Fuck you, die screaming, and spend eternity choking on the barbed cock of Satan, you damned liars!  You idiots!  You incompetent, spineless parasites!


Adrienne said...

What's the heck is going on, Dave. Why is your dad in the hospital???

Ragin' Dave said...

Long story, none of which I want to get into online. But as every day goes by, I'm more infuriated by the shamdemic bullshit lockdown.

Adrienne said...


Sony said...

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