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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Yesterday was busy. My apologies.

I'm currently watching this country go insane.  Riots, burning down of buildings, rampant vandalism, all in the name of "justice".  That's not justice, it's violent criminal behavior.  When they're looting the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta over something that happened in Minneapolis, that's not about justice.  It's about being criminals, engaging in criminal behavior.

Although seeing the CNN logo get vandalized did have quite a bit of satisfaction, I must admit.  CNN has fed this ugly baby for years now, it's nice to see them get some of what they've grown, thrown right back in their faces.  Enjoy that vibrant diversity, CNN!

Got some family visiting right now, which is part of the whole lack of posting.  I don't do computer time when we have family, because quite frankly I value my family time.

Got a new fuel pressure regulator in the mail.  Gonna install it today and see what happens.  So long as the bike runs, I'm going to ride it to the shop and trade it in.  The shop has one of these bad boys sitting on the showroom, and they've got some massive discounts on it:

We'll see what happens.

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