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Friday, November 01, 2019

It was a little cold here in Utah.

Given that this is my first winter here, I wasn't prepared for the sheer amount of hysteria over sub-freezing temperatures.  I mean, it's high desert, folks.  We're just on the other border of IDAHO, which in case you don't know is kinda northern.  Most of this state is above 3000 feet in elevation, with my current patch of land more in the 4000 foot range.

So, it gets cold from time to time.

You'd think they would expect it.

My mom was warning me in August that it was going to be colder than normal.  The horse's coats were already coming in thick back then. 

Anyways, we didn't have many trick-or-treaters because it was "cold".  We even set up coffee and hot cocoa for the adults.  The few that showed up greatly appreciated it.  Maybe we and the Mrs. are just weird, but it really wasn't that cold.  Talk to me in January.

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