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Monday, June 24, 2019

I am not a fan of Virginia Creeper

I dealt with it when I lived in Virginia, mainly by mowing it over when it encroached on the yard.  But I thought what when I left Virginia, my dealings with that pest plant would be over.

Turns out people in Utah planted it as ground cover.  And then birds ate the berries, and crapped the seeds out all over the place.

The Mrs. and I just completed weekend #2 of ripping that damn weed off the back fence.  And of course, because it wouldn't be complete without some asshole plant joining in, I also removed about fifty feet of thistle.  By the time I was done I had to throw away my gloves, because they were pretty much shredded.

However, the Mrs. now has her space to plant melons and squash and other tasty things, so it was time and energy well spent.

Now to find a place to plant the six other lavender plants she picked up.  Oy vey.

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