Day by Day

Friday, March 15, 2019

Odd that this isn't getting any news play. Almost like people don't want to talk about it.

Small Business Job Creation breaks 22 year record.  It's amazing what happens when you remove the government boot off of people's necks.

Job creation among small businesses broke the 45-year record in February with a net addition of 0.52 workers per firm, according to NFIB’s monthly jobs report, released today. The previous record was in May 1998 at 0.51 workers per firm. 

The study goes on to cite labor costs as the #1 problem of business owners.  No shock there, labor costs are always the biggest problem most business owners have.  Finding qualified people to hire is right there with labor costs.

But gosh, the Democrat Media Complex sure loves to talk about anything else, don't they?


p2 said...

forgive me fir nitpicking, but 1998 was 22 years ago. thought maybe you typo'd the date, but nope.

Ragin' Dave said...

Nope, you're right. That's what I get for blogging before I finish my first cup of coffee.