Day by Day

Sunday, March 31, 2019

I'm writing this tonight, and posting it in the morning

So that made sense, didn't it?

I spent all day making sausage.  As well as teaching the wife of a co-worker to make sausage.  We made Andouille and Chaurice, and then smoked the Andouille all afternoon.  Once we pulled the Andouille off the grill, we put on the pork bones from the pork shoulders we'd cut up for the sausage, and those have been smoking until 11 PM. 

I got to spend the evening surrounded by friends, eating good food, and having a good time.  And other than a few snide comments about MSNBC, we didn't discuss politics at all.  We talked sports.  Movies. Comedy.  Life in general.  Theology.  Haunted houses.  Exorcisms.  Kids.  Texas vs. Mississippi, especially when it comes to allergies.  And of course, food.

It was an awesome night.

I miss those.  Having that kind of nigh reminded me of a time when politics didn't consume every aspect of our lives.

By the by, the smoked pork bones will be used to make Hoppin' John, red beans and rice, and various other southern dishes.

If there's one thing that I curse the left for doing, is making everything political.  For taking away nights like tonight from everybody. 

Everybody needs a night like I had tonight.  But now we have to make sure we don't invite any Leftists in order to have that kind of night.  So be it.  I'm going to enjoy my life on this earth with good people and good food.  And good drink.  And cigars.  And I'll be damned if I bring some Leftist into my house to ruin it.  That's where I'm at right now.  I want to have a dinner and not talk about the President.  I want to have a dinner


p2 said...

That makes perfect sense, my friend. Yesterday was the first day of the year warm enough to enjoy the backyard. There's still snow on the ground and I needed to build a fire to make it tolerable, but it was sunny and there is a hint of ring. Through tge magic of the intertoobs, I was able to enjoy the company of a few gentlemen in other states while we smoked cigars and talked about life its ownself. One of the unspoken, unwritten rules of what's known as the vherf is no politics. Makes for a refreshing change.

Ragin' Dave said...

The ability to unplug and unwind is crucial for your mental well-being. People who only have politics in their lives forget this.