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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Worst. Russian. Asset. EVAR!

Gonna be pushing natural gas out of the USA.  You know who the biggest loser is going to be on that?  Russia.

All the NeverTrump cucks who wail about how Trump just isn't the "right guy" are the same idiots, backstabbers and swamp creatures who never managed to get half of Trump's accomplishments when they were in office.  And all the Leftist morons, half-wits, slack-jaws and drooling retards who scream "RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA" at every opportunity were the same ones giving Putin everything he wanted when they were in power.

But now Trump has managed to get more done, against greater odds, than reluctant voters like me ever hoped to dare, and has managed to do real, long-term damage to Russian power.

He's the worst Russian asset, ever.

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