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Thursday, February 28, 2019

The wife just called the sheriff on our drug-dealing neighbors

But not for the drugs; we don't have enough evidence to give the cops.  But for weeks now, they've been burning trash by the barrel-full.  And it's always got some plastic and other chemicals in it.

So we come back from returning dogs to the neighbor's place (that's another story) and our entire section of road, as well as a couple of acres around us, are engulfed in smoke that makes our throats burn and our eyes hurt.  It's the neighbors, and there's smoke just billowing out of their burn barrel. 

"Neighbors" is a rough term, given that we're rather rural.  They live down the road, and the smoke is stretching from their property to several hundred yards past ours.  The wife starts having problems breathing, and just goes inside to call the local constabulary.  Dispatch says that they'll send a sheriff by, and if the neighbors are doing anything wrong the sheriff will make them put the fire out.  That's good enough.  We're outside of city limits, so we don't even know what the rules are for burning around here. 

The Sheriff shows up.  Apparently, there was nobody home, so the next thing I know a firetruck shows up, and extinguishes the smoldering barrel of plastic.  But for about two hours, we were chased inside by a pall of chemical smoke that was affecting our breathing.

I'm ready to leave this town.

And I'm not kidding about them being drug dealers.  As far as I know, they're users as well.  At least, that's the way they act.

We still don't know what was smoldering in the barrel.

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