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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Busy today

Teaching a class.  Enjoy the blogs on the sidebar!

Updated:  Five students started, five students graduated.  One of them started the day unable to keep a motorcycle running, and ended not even being the worst one at the test.  This is why I do this.  I'm in pain right now, with the Mrs. rubbing liniment on my knees and feet, but I was able to get someone who couldn't sit on a motorcycle without falling over at the beginning of the day to be able to navigate the riding test and pass well within the threshold of error by the time the day was done.

Watching people just...  get it.  Clutch and throttle, balance and input.  A guy who couldn't even keep a bike running was able to pass a riding test.

There's something joyous about that.  Yeah, I get paid to teach, but the money isn't worth it.  Watching people grow....  that's worth it.  Knowing that this kid will be able to ride, and keep himself in one piece and enjoy himself because I taught him how to do it...  THAT is worth it.  Knowing that this group is going to keep riding, and stay alive. 

I'm going to hurt for a day or two. 

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