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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Missed this while I was on vay-cay.

But it's about the best summation of the NeverTrumpers I've seen.  I actually used to like Jonah Goldberg.  He, and the majority of the NRO staff have descended into parodies of rational thought.

These people lie and lie and lie, never putting the majority of the base's concerns as any kind of priority, just paying lip service to those concerns as they ruthlessly sacrifice the base's actual primary concerns to secure their own primary concerns, or the concerns of their liberal friends and corporate donors
We're tired of that. We don't want you any more. Whether it's Trump or whether it's a literal circus clown: We will take the literal circus clown over you. 
We. Are. Done. With. You.

Emphasis in the original.  And yes, I'd pick a rodeo clown over 99% of what the GOP puts forth as candidates for higher office.  The only reason, the only singular reason the GOP even exists today is because on paper, the Democrats are hundreds of times worse.  But as I stated a couple days ago, when I cannot fine a whisker's breadth of difference between the opinions of hysterical Leftists and those of supposed conservatives, then I really have to question if they were ever conservative to begin with

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