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Friday, April 06, 2018

On the shit-canning of Kevin Williamson

Ace sums up quite a few of my opinions about it:

This is most of the reason people voted for Trump: everyday Americans who are not insulated from toxic Social Justice Warrior mobbing by virtue of the fact of working for a (nominally) conservative magazine are sick and tired of being bullied and want someone to finally start pushing back. 
But the cucks laugh at that rationale. Why, it's silly to think you're being bullied, Hobbits. 
But now Kevin Williamson, who was blazing a trail that many of the cucks hoped to follow by decamping to a truly educated, sophisticated place like The Atlantic (not quite educated and sophisticated enough to know that French words end in -isme not ism, but at least more educated and sophisticated than the outlets serving the TrumpenProletariat) is the victim of Social Justice Warrior mobs demanding bloody scalps for speech they don't like, and now the cucks are suddenly bothered by this form of sociocorporate totalitarianism.

Kevin Williamson was one of the first people to attack and insult Trump supporters during the run-up to the 2016 election.  It wasn't "We have some disagreements", it wasn't "Let me convince you to vote for my guy", it was "You Trumpkins are stupid idiots and your towns should just die and cease to exist."  No, really, he was the guy who essentially told working-class whites that all of those factories closing and coal mines shutting down was their fault, and they just need to shut up and move.  Or die. 

It's amazing that once we had a government that didn't kow-tow to China or the EU, jobs came back.  It's amazing that once we had a government who actually understood that taking over 1/3 of profits from a company as taxes is BAD for business, we started having job growth.  Quite a few of those places that Kevin Williamson wanted to just shut up and die are making a come-back, or at least starting to turn around, and it's due to the man that Kevin Williamson hated so much that his hatred overflowed to that man's supporters.

But back to Williamson's firing, and the bevy of Liberal Republicans all falling on their fainting couches:

This has been going on for 8 years running everywhere in America except conservative magazines (and even there -- it went on some). 
Where you been all this time? Do you only get bothered by Social Justice Warrior scalp-hunting when they start coming after members of your tiny, tiny, microscopic class of Liberal Republicans Working for Liberal Republican Magazines Who Would Like One Day to Work at Liberal Democrat Magazines? 
Oh that's right -- you and your ilk have been spending these past few years attacking Kurt Schlichter for correctly saying that the left is imposing an intolerable speech code on us through sociocorporate power and that it's time to impose "New Rules" on them so they feel a similar pain (and are encouraged to de-escalate). 
But now that they got Kevin Williamson, it's only now a tragedy worth discussing, eh?

Williamson was quite possibly the worst anti-Trumper at National Review, and that's saying something.  After they came out with their "The Case Against Trump" issue, I cancelled my subscription.  That's not a shock to most folks.  What shocked the hell out of me was this:  My father did the same. 

NR went off the rails and into liberal delusions gradually, but they followed Sarah Hoyt's dictum:  Roll Left, then Die.  They fired Mark Steyn.  They fired John Derbyshire.  They got rid of some of the most eloquent conservative voices, and then they went hard against the man who would eventually win the Oval Office.  Williamson was jumping ship while the jumping was good, and now he's figured out what the rest of us already knew:  THE LEFT HATES YOU, NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY TO APPEAL TO THEM. 

I've seen lots of shock at the sheer schadenfreude that has come from Williamson's firing.  The establishment RINOs are in full scolding mode, fingers shaking and chins wobbling.  What they don't understand is that they could all suffer the same thing that happened to Williamson, and we wouldn't care.  They have already told us what they think of us.  The scorn and distain drips from every Williamson piece, and they take every opportunity to express their disgust with us low, common people who voted for Trump instead of their donor-class figurehead.  The Trump Derangement Syndrome is still growing in people like Williamson, but they're finally forced to face the reality that their awesome liberal Democrat cocktail party pals won't help them out like they thought would happen.

Oh well. Guess you're stuck with us, cucks. Looks like the Cool Kids you admire you so much don't admire you enough to let you sit at their table for longer than a few minutes. 
Maybe this will finally open your eyes to what's actually going on right now. 
But probably not. You've been so arrogantly wrong about so many things for so long, you're kind of addicted to it.

Williamson getting fired falls under the category of "Stupidity becoming painful again".  I expect the first dose of reality won't take.  Its going to require multiple doses in the future, and there's no guarantee that it'll actually work.

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