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Thursday, January 11, 2018

A damn good question

When I lived in Seattle, getting from Seattle to Tacoma to Olympia on I-5 was a chore.  Not horrible, but a chore.  Lots of traffic.

Last time I went to the Puget Sound area, I-5 was locked up tighter than the 101 in Los Angeles, and the 405 around Renton was just as bad if not worse.  

Waaaaaaay back when I was a yoot, we would visit relatives in Seattle.  Back then, if you wanted to "get out of the city", you drove to Tucwila, which is just a little bit south of Seattle.  Now you can drive from Seattle to down past Tacoma and it's concrete buildings all the way.  The open areas are gone.  They've been built over and up in order to accommodate the large amount of people moving to that area.

So, how many immigrants are enough?  How many more people do we need to add to this country?  When is enough, enough?  Ask that to the next people screaming that we need to allow the Dreamers, a huge portion of whom cannot even speak English after being in this country for a decade or more, to stay and continue to suckle off the government teat while voting for Democrats.

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p2 said...

when i moved here in 95, it was 3 miles out my back door to the next building. now its 300 yards. i'm not happy. we have no natural gas supply and the main source of heat is oil at $3 a gallon. i put a woodstove in 10 years ago and, until this year, could burn it 24/7. dropped my heating cost from thousands a year to about 150 bucks. i harvest my firewood from my land and friends who dont use it. the borough has decreed the air quality is unsafe for one half of one percent of the grossly expanded population and wood burning is banned between -20 & +20 now with a $500 fine if you do. guess where the temps have been since october..... we've gone from 35,000 in the borough to over 100k in less than 7 years. i fully blame the idiot council for wantonly granting building permits to any moron with 5 acres who wants to subdivide and encouraging people to move here. the area and the infrastructure cant handle any more humans. gonna run for borough mayor this year. first priority is to stop the influx. second is to disband the useless borough. world needs a really good plague.....get rid of about 2/3 the population.