Day by Day

Friday, September 02, 2016

Meet my friend, Mr. Blacksnake

He was just hanging out near my front door when the Mrs. and I got home.  It's an Eastern Rat Snake, but around here they just call them "black snakes". 

Black snakes are pretty harmless, really.  They go around eating rodents, other reptiles, birds, and amphibians.  Oh, and according to the locals they eat Copperheads.

Why yes, Mr. Black Snake, you can hang around!

I just wonder if he's scared off all the hummingbirds.  We've had a fair amount coming and sipping at our feeders, as well has entire flocks of finches, cardinals, jays, etc at the feeders in our front yard.  That's probably why the snake was hanging around; he was looking for a meal.


Adrienne said...

I'm betting on the hummingbirds. They're mean territorial little rascals. If they were bigger your yard would be full of blood and guts. Seriously.

Ragin' Dave said...

That's why we have two feeders. With only one, we were having dogfights right outside our window.

They still occur, but now they're slow enough that we can identify the birds doing the fighting.