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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

"Transgender" kids aren't

The push for acceptance of "transgender" children is a load of politically correct bullshit, NOT backed by science, and destined to hurt the children in the long run.

These efforts to delay puberty and modify sex characteristics often involve hormone therapy. This type of "treatment" can have devastating effects. 
"I am a real, live 22-year-old woman, with a scarred chest and a broken voice, and five o'clock shadow because I couldn't face the idea of growing up to be a woman, that's my reality," admitted de-transitioning woman Cari Stella in a deeply personal YouTube video. She recalled, "When I was transitioning, I felt a strong desire — what I would have called a 'need' at the time — to transition," but her transition only hurt her more. "Testosterone made me even more dissociated than I already was." 
Another de-transitioning woman told her story on YouTube as well. "I had trauma that led to me disassociating from my female body, and ... the longer I chased that disassociation — the more I asked people to call me special pronouns, the more I tried to change my body, the more I ensconced myself in a community that would affirm a trans identity, the worse I felt," Carey Callahan said.

There is not a single real scientific study out there that proves that "transitioning" helps a person who identifies as the different gender.  The suicide rate for post-op trannies is IDENTICAL to pre-op trannies.  If the surgery is such a good idea, why are trannies killing themselves off at the same rate both before and after surgery?

You cannot claim that these folks "need" that surgery if there's no real improvement in their psychological health after they've mutilated their bodies.

The fact that these DNA donors are pushing for their kids to be injected with hormones in order to stave off puberty should let you know that there will be damage done that will never be healed.  "But Little Johnny wants to be Jenny!"  That's because little Johnny is surrounded by a culture that's pushing that sort of bullshit on him.  Our culture is literally pushing mental illness and telling people to be proud about it.

"But Dave, I know some trans-sexuals, and they're nice people!"  And?  Did I ever say that they weren't nice people?  Did I ever say that were bad, or unkind, or hated puppies and kittens?  No I did not.  What they are, are troubled.  Some of them are mentally ill.  And this country is telling them to embrace their illness and call it a good thing.

Would you ever tell a schizophrenic that their illness was a good thing?  That they didn't need to take their pills, and they were fine being schizo and that they had nothing to worry about?

Would you ever tell someone that it's OK to blind yourself with drain cleaner because of a "body disorder"?  Or would you try to get them help so that they didn't pour drain cleaner in their eyes?

Then why would you tell someone that it's OK to mutilate their bodies and dump hormones into their system that were never supposed to be there?

If little Johnny starts talking about wanting to be little Jenny, my first act as a parent would be to find out what adult in his life has been sexually abusing him and/or pushing a trans lifestyle as a good thing.

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