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Monday, May 09, 2016

The SCOAMF doubles down on his "You didn't build that" speech

"You just got lucky" says the the Marxist Messiah.

Here's the deal:  this is called PROJECTION.  It's Rule #3 of SJWs.  They always project.  Obama hasn't actually done a damn thing on his own in his entire life.  Everything has pretty much been handed to him.  He's too incompetent to do things himself, but he sure as hell can suck off of whatever dole is being dished out.  That's why he's the only "President' of the Harvard Law Review who didn't write anything for the Harvard Law Review!  He's the Affirmative-Action President!  He got elected because he was black, and THAT.  IS.  IT.  That's the only reason.

So naturally, he assumes that everybody else is just faking it too.

He's the Kim Kardashian President.  He's most likely going to be followed by an actual reality TV freak show.

How appropriate.

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