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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The essence of Leftism

In one tweet:

Please note the headline.  It's written to imply that straight men who find out that the "girl" they brought home has a penis instead of a vagina are somehow being mean, or racist, or .....  something "phobic".

The headline is written to imply that the guys who thought they were dating a girl are the ones with the mental illness, rather than the one guy who thinks he's a girl.

This is about as Leftist as you can get.  The complete and total rejection of reality, including biology.


Adrienne said...

Those pretend girls are playing a dangerous game. One of those guys they lead on is likely to beat the piss out of them when they learn the truth.

Anonymous said...

It has been lucky to only be rejected so far. There is a good possibility that someday a man will remove its penis upon discovery so said appendage.

Ragin' Dave said...

Adrienne - ain't that the truth?

0007 said...

Use to be called "Bennie-Boys" in the PI.