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Sunday, March 06, 2016

Nancy Reagan has died

At the age of 94.  She lived a good, long, full life.  She did more than most of us can dream of.  And of course, she helped her husband rescue this country from the "Great Malaise" that Jimmah Carter put us into, along with the rest of the traitorous Democrats who wanted the USSR to win the Cold War.

So long, Nancy.  Say "Hi" to Ronnie for us.

When I went to the Reagan Library, one of the things that hit me emotionally was the letters and telegrams that Ronald wrote to Nancy before he was in politics.  There was plenty of humor, but through it all shown a deep and abiding love that he had for her.

They were a political couple who loved each other and didn't stray.  Try finding THAT in D.C.  It almost never happens.

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