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Friday, June 26, 2015

A country that won't defend itself.

This is the end result of Leftist ideology.  In the country formerly known as "Great" Britain, the people in charge of protecting young girls can't even be bothered to interview the victims of muslim gang rape.

I mean, it was only uncovered last year,  what's the rush, right?  Don't want to be seen as racist, after all!  Pip pip, old boy!

If my daughter, or my friend's daughter, or my neighbor's daughter had been assaulted and raped like those girls in Rotherham were, and the police were more concerned about being nice to muslim rapists than bringing them to justice, I can guarantee that those muslim rapists would just...  disappear.

Nobody would ever see them again.  And they would never rape another girl again.  But then, there are still places in America where we haven't been corrupted by Liberalism yet.  We still defend ourselves.

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