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Thursday, August 07, 2014

This is what happens

When weak, gutless pathetic presidents are allowed to screw things up.  Or in other words, every time America has allowed a Democrat to infest the Oval Office.  Johnson screwed us into Viet Nam, and then did everything he could do to get us to lose.  Carter twiddled his thumbs as the Middle East fell apart.  Clinton screwed up Somalia, and allowed thousands to be slaughtered in Rwanda.  And Obama has probably done more to make things worse in the Middle East than Carter could even dream of.  He pissed away his chance to support the Iranian people in 2009.  He pushed out Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, and then supported the jihadi Muslim Brotherhood.  He drew his red line in the sand of Syria, then erased it, then drew it again, then erased it again, and finally begged Vladimir Putin to take over.

He pulled us out of Iraq without any concept of the consequences of his actions.  Like, say, 1,500 innocent people being slaughtered by ISIS.

Hell yes I'm laying this at his feet.  Obama ignored his military commanders.  Obama ignored al-Maliki, back when Maliki wanted the US to keep a force there.  Obama ignored the Iraqi parliament, who didn't want the USA to leave.

The decision to completely pull out and abandon Iraq is, was, and always will be entirely Obama's decision.  Therefore, the reactions to his decision will always be Obama's as well.  And as Iraq descends into chaos, and civilians get slaughtered by terrorists, we need to remember that this could have been prevented, but Obama allowed it to happen.

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