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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hey, did you hear the one about....

....the Reuters "journalist" who fell face down on Obama's crotch and gave him a blowjob right on the front page?


Well, here it is.

(Reuters) - President Barack Obama is loosening restrictions on lobbyists who want to serve on federal advisory boards, a White House official said on Tuesday, a setback to the president's efforts to tamp down special interest influence in Washington.
Feel the spin.  Feel it!  Good God, they can't even bring themselves to admit what he's doing!  Obama's actions are a "setback" to Obama's efforts?  As Instapundit likes to say, the Media in this country is nothing more than Democrat American Communist Party advocates with bylines.


Excuse me, I need a drink.

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Drumwaster said...

And, of course, no one is madder that lobbyists are taking control of these "advisory" panels than Obama, and as soon as he reads about it in the papers and learns who made that decision, he's gonna haul that guy on the carpet and demand some answers.

Any day now...

Meanwhile, he has a reserved tee time. Hey watch this putt!