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Thursday, June 26, 2014

D.C. cabbies strike to protest Uber

Business for Uber soars.  Go figure.

Look, I sort of understand the cabbie's frustrations here.  They pay big bucks to buy a medallion, and then they have to suck up to the big labor people, and jump feet first into cronyism, corruption and shady politics to stay in business.  And here comes Uber, with a new business plan that doesn't have to play with all of that.

If it were me?  If I were a cabbie watching Uber come on to the scene?

I'd be buying the most fuel efficient vehicle I could, and joining up with Uber.  Every single day of the week, and twice on Sundays.  The solution to dealing with crap is to get rid of the crap, not complain about other people who don't have to deal with crap.

Ah, well.  The cabbie strike is probably some of the best advertising for Uber that's out there.  The wife and I used Uber to get to the airport for our last vacation.  Loved it.  Car was clean, driver was nice, and it was about half the cost.  Why wouldn't we take Uber?

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