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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I guess they're trapped in ice that doesn't exist

The Polar Ice Caps are Melting!  There are no Americans in Baghdad!  We are slaughtering them at the gates!

Dude, when you're trapped by record amounts of ice IN THE SUMMER (yes, it's summer in the Southern Hemisphere) then maybe, just maybe you might want to revisit your little theory, mmm-kay?

But no, like the Obamabots in San Fransicko who refuse to change their beliefs even while they get hammered by Obamacare, Liberals and other ProgNazi spawn treat their pet theories like religions, and refuse to let go no matter how hard the truth hits them.  Record amounts of ice in the North?  Global Warming!  Record amounts of ice in the South during summertime?  Global Warming!

All we can do at this point is laugh at them.  Long, hard, and loud.

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