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Sunday, September 01, 2013

There is no way for us to win in Syria

If we bomb Assad's forces, we give aid and comfort to Al-Queda.  If we bomb Al-Queda, we give aid and comfort to Assad, and by extension, Iran.

If we bomb both of them, we piss off the terrorist shitheads that populate Syria.  Remember the Iraq war?  Remember the sheer numbers of "insurgents" pouring over the Iraq-Syria border?  You bet your ass I do.  Those people didn't just go away, you know.

So Obumblefuck is going to get us involved in a situation were there is no upside.  There's no way to win.  There's nothing that will advance US interests one.  Damn.  Bit.

So of course Obumblefuck is going to jump in head first, the clueless fucking dipshit.  Gawd, I can't stand the fact that this worthless fucking idiot is running the country.  Thanks, America.  You're going to get what you deserve good and hard.

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