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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Why oh why

Do so many women bleach their hair blonde and keep their eyebrows a dark brown?

Folks, the thing I hate in the fairer sex is falsehood.  If you have A cups, be proud of them!  I'd rather see you have real A cups than fake D cups.  If you're a brunette, be proud!  I have loved a total of three women in my life.  One is my mother.  One is my ex-fiance.  And the third is my wife.  All of them have brown hair, and I love all of them for other reasons than their hair color.  For that matter, none of them have the same eye color or body type.

Changing your physical appearance in order to gain favor only gains the favor of superficial assholes who value physical looks over your real soul and personality.


Rivrdog said...

While we're at fashion critique:

Ditch the look where your under-layers come out of the bottom hem of your cropped-top.

Realize that you are only going to look good in Yoga Pants if you have decent gams. If you have skanky gams, don't wear them. If you have stumpy gams, don't wear them.

There's nothing wrong with dresses. Wear one occasionally. Ditto sheath skirts, but only if you have the physique for it.

If you're wearing high heels, you'd better have something covering your ass that accentuates that part of your physique, or why bother with the high heels? In other words, ladies, you wear high heels to give your butt a better look, and if it doesn't work, wear some other shoe.

I could go on forever on stupid fashions for wimmen, but that's enough for now.

Old Dog said...

UH, either one of you game to complain to your Spouse about dyeing out Grey? I ain't that brave!

Rivrdog said...

The Gudwife is Asian, gets maybe 4 grey hairs a year, which she pulls out by the roots...I, OTOH, have been a total q-tip for 20 years...

Ragin' Dave said...

I'm the one with the grey in the household. But when she starts to go grey, I'll tell her that I prefer her to be a natural grey rather than a fake brown.