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Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

I don't tend to wax poetic about Memorial Day and what it means, because I normally end up with tears in my eyes.

Yeah, I admit it.

I'm one of the lucky ones, and being here, surrounded by Sergeants who have lost friends, brothers and family drives that point home.  Good God, I've been blessed, more than I think I have a right to be.  Hell, I'm willing to get that anyone reading this post has been blessed far beyond their ability to pay it back, and I think we know it.  So be thankful, and work to pay those blessings back.

A priest once told me that when God gives you a gift, he expects you to use it.  Well, we've been given the gift of freedom, and it's under attack from the Left - What are you going to do to defend it for the next generation?

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Anonymous said...

Obama had the Vietnam Memorial shut down for 5 hours todayMemorial Day, keeping veterans and thier families away so Obama could have his 15 minute speech. Veterans and their families were just a little P.O.ed as they were prevented from paying their respects to our fallen so that Obama could cynically give the illusion that he respects out military. Once again he has exceeded expectations.

Brian Trubee/