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Thursday, April 07, 2011

potential Government Shutdown in the media

As we loom in the 11th hour of our government squabbling like sibling while putting families like our military in an awkward position of having to go to work and not getting paid without other resources. I found this pointed video that puts it in perspective.

While you watch this video just remember that our president(cough) has stated that a shutdown would be inexcusable while threatening to veto a bill that would buy another week and fund the military through the rest of the fiscal year.


rajumadhur said...

Watch the video at 00:46 to 00:53 .. it was funny

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Drumwaster said...

The fact that we are worried about the effects of a government shutdown shows how pervasive and invasive the government has become. We should be able to shut down the government three months out of the year without any effect on our daily lives...