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Monday, March 07, 2011

William Daley(D)

William Daley(D) says it is hard to setup 'No Hair Zone'... oh... I mean... 'No Fly Zone'. Has he even served?

I'm not criticizing the man, but I don't think he has the credentials to judge military matters, although I bet the Hair Club for Men has called.

I also believe we have crossed a line from simple incompetence, leaping over 'good intentions', into outright collaboration with the enemies of America. Let's review...

* Barack Hussein Obama blew off the Iranian people demonstrating for democracy in 2009. Whose side was he on?
* Obama then committed a series of "gaffs" that included dithering over calling the Fort Hood shooter a terrorist. Really? Was releasing the Lockerbie bomber "smart diplomacy"? How was the Christmas bomber not a Jihadist?
* Refusing to learn from these "mistakes" Barack Hussein Obama refused to take sides against Qaddafi, refused to criticize him by name, and instead of rescuing American citizens trapped in Libya he left them floating in an undersized unseaworthy rental for 3 days. Wow... No wonder the rebels are begging for Bush.

Some may note that Barack Hussein Obama's "mentor" of 23 years traveled to Libya to meet with Qaddafi and kept in touch even after it became common knowledge that Qaddafi ordered the Lockerbie bombing personally. Militant racist Farrakhan was party to that trip and how many Jihadists have come from his twisted religion?

So what is simplest explanation for all of this? Well... when a Kosovo Muslim shows his thanks for our military preservation of his freedom by gunning down American soldiers while screaming "allah akhbar" we find that Barack Hussein Obama refuses once again to call that terrorism. Yet he finds time to criticize Congressional hearings on the links to Islamic extremism to recruiting of Jihadists in America.

The answer is really pretty simple if you avoid drowning in the carefully crafted contortions of the MainStreamMedia to avoid the obvious.

Barack Hussein Obama is on the other side.

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