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Monday, March 07, 2011

Poor widdle teachers

Making six figures a year, gosh, who can afford to live on that?

Oh, and your kids are coming out of school less educated than in any time in American history.  Enjoy!

Now, the six figures is after benefits, true, and that's in Milwaukee County.  But let's take the case of the county around Ft. McCoy, WI.  Monroe County.  If the teachers in Monroe County are making $50,000 a year with bennies, they're still kicking the ass of the average salary in Monroe County, which is a shade over $35,000 according to this data on Sparta, WI (the seat of Monroe County).

People don't make much here.  And yet taxes are sky high, and any money that the teachers get is coming from folks who have a hard time paying their mortgage from month to month.  So tell me again about how the teachers aren't paid enough?  Just where the heck are they supposed to get more money from?

A-HA!  If you follow the links from Ace's place, you'll be able to download a spreadsheet of teacher's salaries from all over Wisconsin.  Sparta Area School District teachers make an average of $45,654, with fringe benefits of $19,228.  So that's $64,882 in yearly salary and bennies in an area where the average yearly income is HALF OF THAT, with no bennies!  Yeah, tell me again how underpaid those &^%#@! teachers are!  What a load of horse manure!

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