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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Destroy the Department of Education

I have a co-worker who just moved to the area.  He's sending his kids to a private school, because the local school system can't handle his kids.  It's not that his kids are ill-behaved, they're just four to five grades ahead in their education.  Literally.  His son is reading at about four grade levels above his own.

Anyway, he's looking for a private school, he finds one that has the classes, teachers and resources to teach his very intelligent kids, he enrolls his kids, and he's going to pay $1,400 a year for his kid's education.

Let me say that again.  One thousand, four hundred dollars a year.  To attend a private school that is leaps and bounds beyond the public school.  Would you like to guess how much money Wisconsin wastes per student?  The last data from 2004-2005 says it was $11,044 on average.  Which means that for a little over ten percent of the state average dollar amount, my co-worker's kid is getting a much better education.

So with that in mind, check out this Instapundit post about how people are getting ready to howl about
"cuts" in education.  I say cut it all.  I can think of very few reasons why we would want the Department of Education to exist, and the damage it does to children all over the country is immeasurable.


Adrienne said...

Close the department of education and sell all the schools. They need to be privatized. That will solve the problems with the education in this country.

Anonymous said...

Your talking sense here!
But sense the Left and DOE does not nor wants to accept!!
So you best be careful or they'll be coming to your door!!