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Friday, October 22, 2010

Yet Another Obamacare Success Story!

Via Insty, the words of a businessman who will no longer be paying his employee's health insurance, due directly to Obamacare.  Yay!

I am not the only employer reaching this conclusion. AT&T, Verizon, Caterpillar and Deere have all contemplated dropping their health benefits as a result of the health reform legislation. About 63 percent of businesses intend to shift a higher percentage of premium costs to employees in 2011, according to a survey recently released by the Washington-based National Business Group on Health. The survey included 72 companies that employ more than 3.7 million people. In most cases, the change will likely be a gradual one rather than an immediate move from fully employer-paid health care to fully employee-paid health care. But, over time, companies around the country will probably reach the same endpoint that I did. It is far easier for a small business owner like me to make a drastic change than it is for a global corporation.

Every time I see someone with an "Obama" bumper sticker, I want to remind them that the train wreck coming our way is due to them being a moron.

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