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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Just Great

What President Bush fought and won, Obama will lose.

Three murderous suicide bombings in Baghdad over the weekend are but the latest indication of the renewed reality there: Those determined to use violence to destabilize the country, foment sectarian strife and shape Iraq's destiny can do so with impunity. ...
There is an unmistakable vacuum of power being created by President Obama's determination to withdraw U.S. "combat" forces no matter what, starting with the cities a few months ago and in short order from the rest of the country.

I know a lot of people who will be happy that we're leaving.  Hell, I know a lot of Soldiers who will be happy that we're leaving, and couldn't care less about what happens when we leave.  But if we leave in this fashion, and Iraq collapses, we will be back in Iraq within a decade, and the cost in money and blood to redo our efforts in Iraq will make what we have currently spent look like spare change.  Of course, that will have to be paid by someone else other than the Marxist Messiah, so he really doesn't care.  In fact, he really doesn't care about any of our allies, and it shows.

Look for a massive outbreak of war in the Middle East sometime soon.  With Obama's complete and total lack of foreign policy (unless you count ignorance, apathy and stupidity as policy) it won't be long before the usual suspects start hitting harder and harder.  They know they won't get a response from Obama, and they're free to act with impunity.

That ain't good.

UPDATE:  Yup.  I was having a discussion with some of my fellow Soldiers, and the consensus is that Obama is the first American president who actually thinks that America is the problem with the world.  And it shows.

I want to find every idiotic asshole who made him the Commander in Chief, and beat them with lead pipes.

Legal Insurrection has a more thought out take on it than the link up above:

Sheer lunacy. What doesn't Obama understand about "deterrence." That means that nations which possess chemical and biological weapons will not even think about using them against us because the consequences would be so devastating for them.

Now, a little chem weapons here, a little bio weapons there, and all is good.

The world now is a more dangerous place.

You feeling that hope and change yet, America?  When an American city gets hit with a chemical weapon, and Obama the Commie lectures this country on why we deserve it, who are you going to blame?

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Anonymous said...

Blame? Former President Bush of course; that's all the nitwh and his fellow socialists know how to do.
The positive side here is that WHEN some group of bad guys DO decide to poison or nuc a city here, they will probably go for DC or some other big liberal bastion.