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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Arizona Illegal Immigration Bill


Do I think it'll stand as it's currently written?  Probably not.  It's a direct slap in the face of the Federal Government, but one that the FedGov has been needing for years now.  I'm certain that the FedGov is going to challenge the law in court, and if they push hard enough they'll probably win that suit.  BUT, in the course of doing so, they are going to expose themselves to the fact that the Federal Government has been criminally negligent in it's duties to protect it's citizens.  And that'll open up a whole host of problems for the FedGov, most of which they would most likely not want exposed.

Arizona for the win!

Next up for AZ?  Replacing Juan McCain, the faux "maverick", unless "maverick" really stands for "person who will stab his voting base in the back so he can get good cred with liberal douchebags in the media."  Because if that's what "maverick" means, then baby he's good!


genedunn said...

Another interesting view...

Ragin' Dave said...

Interesting, but wrong-headed and written to make Arizona look bad. Just last year Arizona was being called the "Kidnapping Capital of the USA"

Illegal immigrants still account for a sizable portion (17%) of our federal prison population.

The federal government has been criminally negligent in it's duties to protect the people in border states like Arizona. If the FedGov won't do it's job, then the states have every right to ensure the safety of their citizens.