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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Short, snarky answers to questions unasked

Two posts at HotAir made some snark jump to my mind, and not very polite snark either.  The first headline - CNN Poll:  69% support letting homosexuals serve in the military.  Oh really?  Tell me, exactly just how much sway would this poll hold if it were predicting a presidential election?  Knowing the sheer liberal bias of CNN, why the hell should I listen to a poll of theirs without a counterbalancing poll?

Second - how very fucking TOLERANT of them to support that.  Now if they would have gotten off their asses and enlisted, I might give a fuck about their opinion.  Is that harsh?  Good.  I hope it was.  We had recruiters practically begging qualified people to enlist, and we had to lower the fucking standards to allow people to get in that we would have turned away ten years ago.  But now those same people who were too fucking good to join the military want to tell us how to run it?


Have I made myself clear?  Do I need to repeat that?

Second headline - GEN Casey has serious reservations about repealing "Don't Ask Don't Tell".  Ladies and Gentlemen, don't fool yourselves into thinking that the military is just hunkey-dory with Obama's push to repeal DADT.  We're just not allowed to shriek as loudly as the oh-so-fucking TOLERANT people who call anyone who opposes them bigots and haters.  General Casey has probably gotten more than an earful from commanders all across the Army who have flat out told him "If you do this, we're losing half of the force."  I have Chaplains who are afraid that if this push occurs, their endorsers will yank that endorsement.  Which means that entire swaths of Chaplains will no longer be eligible for duty. And if your response to THAT is "Oh well who cares" that tells me you don't have a clue what Chaplains do.

There are commanders out there who will have to deal with the total and complete clusterfuck that will be the result of repealing DADT, who can see that gigantic ball of shit rolling downhill right at them, and they don't like it one single bit.  And they are letting the Chief of Staff know about it.  Casey to me is nothing more than a politician in uniform, but he is getting absolutely hammered by the Soldiers who are going to have to deal with the end result of political correctness enforced by the oh-so-TOLERANT people behind this push.

This ain't a game.  And Casey is being made aware of it.

Anyone want to yell at me for a bit?  Be prepared to get what you give.


DANEgerus said...

Picture it...

KP duty = "What? You're just singling me out because I'm gay!"

Shitburning detail = "What? You're just singling me out because I'm Lesbian!"

[fill in here] detail = "What? You're just singling me out because I'm Transgendered!"

Until every unit needs a "political officer" just like the Soviet army of 1939. And we know how well they did against the Finns and then Germans.

Anonymous said...

Re: Soviet Army Political Officers.

I worked with a guy who'd been a Lt. in the Soviet Army in Finland and WWII. We got to be pretty good buddies and talked a lot about life in the Soviet Union before and during WWII. The life expectancy of a Political Officer was measured in minutes once the rank and file learned who he was. They'd just poke him in the back with a bayonet and make him stand up. A convenient enemy soldier would oblige by putting a bullet through him. He said the Finns usually shot 'em in the head, the Germans weren't as good shots and usually shot 'em in the body. Either was acceptable.

Gerry N.

Anonymous said...

Casey is just another political GO bitch and will suck whatever his boss at the (formewr)white house tells him to suck,ie. see his remarks: diversity vs dead soldiers.

Rivrdog said...

I'm yelling at you, Sergeant, LISTEN UP!

YOU are not LOUD enough!

YOU need to start something like OathKeepers, and tell the brass it needs to be made official.

Any gay OR straight troop who causes the slightest problem with questionable sexual mores will be invited to "take the cure", and VOLUNTARILY sign a contract which prohibits inappropriate conduct in the future. If that CONTRACT is violated, the troop has ALREADY agreed to be discharged immediately. A GENERAL discharge.

Now put something like this into regulation words, Sergeant, and start selling it!